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Connecting listeners with the diverse, eclectic and prolific sounds of today's best contemporary instrumental musicians since 1999.

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The Audiosyncracy radio program first aired on KTEP-FM, the public radio station in El Paso, Texas, back in October of 1999 with a small collection of my own albums and CDs. Since that time, the program has grown to include a library of several thousand CDs from hundreds of artists, well-known and not-so-well-known.

The show format focuses on the newest works from acoustic artists, featuring the piano and guitar, primarily, but is broad enough to include world, neo-classical, ambient and some (but not much) electronica. The show can be heard locally and also online (live only) on Sunday evenings at 11:00 pm Mountain time (-7 UTC).


The Audiosyncracy podcast is an unscheduled, free downloadable program, based on the Audiosyncracy radio show. The artists consent to podcast play and the episodes are free to download and enjoy at your convenience. The podcast is available in iTunes as well as most podcast directories online.

Use a free podcast app on your smartphone, tablet or computer and search for Audiosyncracy. Hit the "Subscribe" button and enjoy!


Introducing a brand new series of musically themed cruises! Audiosyncracy is working with CruisePlanners to present cruises featuring Audiosyncracy artists on major cruise lines, sailing to fantastic destinations! We had a fabulous first cruise with Michele McLaughlin, an award-winning solo pianist from Salt Lake City, Utah. Our 2017 cruise will feature pianist Elijah Bossenbroek and guitarist Matteo Palmer! Two fabulous artists who you will enjoy hearing and getting to know! We will sail from Miami on MSC Cruises on an exciting 7-night Caribbean and Antilles itinerary featuring private concerts with Elijah and Matteo and you are invited! Click the link for booking information!


A big announcement wouldn't be complete without "One More Thing," right?

Listen to Audiosyncracy 24/7! Now up and being tested, a streaming version of the same music you hear on the radio show, but 24/7 and without staying up late on Sunday night! Check out our stream on Radionomy!

We're still testing what we can do with Radionomy and please get in touch if you have trouble accessing the stream. Due to rights restrictions, the stream may not be available in all locations and success in accessing the stream may vary due to how you try it. Please try a variety of browsers and apps for a successful experience and please let me know if you have difficulties.

Our mission is simple: connect the ears of the willing listener to the most incredible, beautiful, eclectic and diverse music on the planet--the music of today's acoustic contemporary instrumental artists.