I have been serving K-12 education for 22 years, from five years in the classroom to the district and Educational Service Center levels. I have been a Director of Instructional Technology as well as a Director of Technology, so I know the conversations taking place in both worlds. I've developed and delivered live professional development, as well as created and administered professional development delivered via learning management systems of various types. I have presented at conferences on the local, regional, state and national levels on topics ranging from technology for homebound students to day-long workshops on constructing web applications.

I am seeking employment opportunities in the private sector that will fully utilize my skills and knowledge of the education world. I feel I would be most effective in the post-sales/customer training and support environment but I would love to assist your sales teams with demos and an expert educational perspective.

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My wife and I have traveled a lot over the years, to Canada and Alaska, Mexico and the Caribbean.


Rarely do you see me without my iPhone or iPad. I have a GoPro camera too and a number of other gadgets.

Racing (...more specifically: Corner marshal during races)

We wave the flags at racers when there's an issue on course.


I've hosted programs on KTEP in El Paso, Texas, for over 25 years now.

My podcast

Focusing on acoustic instrumentals, this irregular podcast celebrates a diverse genre of music.

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